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The Morthos Fairy


The morthos fairy live in a parallel world known as Shivenridge. They are a magical race of healers, empaths, and warriors. Born of the moon goddess, they are guardians of the light. The morthos fairy is bound to the light. It is an eternal bond. They draw strength from the light and are able to use it in defense. Because of their gifts, though, they have been hunted down and enslaved for thousands of years.

To protect the fairies, the moon goddess has given each fairy a task at birth. They must seek out and find their circle of strength and protection. The fairy is at the center of their circle. Within a fairy's circle are a series of rings. The average fairy has three rings.
The first ring is the companion. This person may or may not be a fairy. Separate, the two are incomplete, but together they are one. Their bond is unbreakable. The fairy and companion draw on each other for strength and support. What one lacks, the other possesses.
The second ring is the mate, because of centuries of being hunted down and persecuted for their gifts. A fairy is born with a strong mating instinct. Their bond with their mate is instantaneous and mutual. The bond is for life. The mate too, may or may not be a fairy. In addition to a fairy, they can also take a elf or human as a mate.
The third outer ring is the protector. This is considered an honored position within the face of fairies, for it is this person, whom the fairy entrusts with the safety and protection of those who mean more to them than life itself, their companion and mate. The three rings completes an average fairy's circle. It may take most of a fairy's life to find, and complete it's circle. A more powerful fairy may add additional rings within their circle.
A fairy has a natural innocence to their nature. They often appear childlike because of it. They are however, intelligent, skilled warriors, not to be taken for granted.


A morthos fairy is human in appearance with the exception of their ears. A morthos fairy whose bloodline is mostly fairy and elf, tend to have pointed ears. Fairies who are part human, often are born with rounded "human" like ears. A fairy's skin color ranges from white to black just the same as with the human race. Because of their increased metabolism, most morthos fairies are shorter in height than humans or elves. Males may reach a height of 5' 11" and females may reach 5' 8" though the average is around 5' 4". A first level morthos fairy has no visible wings. Examining their backs, there is no indication a set of wings exist. A second level fairy is the same, except they are able to extend and retract their wings at will. The wings come in a range of colors, a morthos fairy does not fly, the wings are used as a "solar panel" during the day to draw energy from the sun. The wings also glow. This glow is controllable by the fairy and serves as a defensive weapon. A fairy can momentarily blind their attacker or opponent allowing them an instant to strike or flee.


Three thousand years ago in the kingdom of Shivenridge, a great plague befell the land. Despite the efforts of the priests and wizards, the disease spread quickly. On the eave of a lunar eclipse, a desperate elven mother made a dangerous journey deep within the heart of the Enderin Valley to the temple of the moon goddess. Avoiding the poisonous tutarna that inhabit the valley, the mother reached the temple just as the totality of the eclipse was approaching. She knelt before the altar of the goddess in front of a patch of moon flowers. The moon flower is considered the symbol of the goddess. The mother prayed for a miracle to save her stricken children as the eclipse reached totality. The valley became eerily quiet as the first rays of moon light emerged from the eclipse. The light struck a moon flower in front of the mother. The flower opened and began to glow. Taking this as a sign from the goddess, the mother began to cry. A single tear fell into the open blossom. The flower closed and began to glow brighter. Before the mother's eyes it grew rapidly. In fear the mother backed away and watched as the flower grew larger and brighter still. Within the blossom, a silhouette began to form. As the light became blinding, the mother shielded her eyes. When the light subsided, the flower opened. There within stood a gold-winged morthos fairy. The first of her race. As she spread her wings, they glowed with a golden light that filled the valley. Around the fairy the other moon flowers blossomed. The mother dropped to her knees in fear bowing her head. The fairy walked up to the mother and knelt before her. She placed a finger under the mother's chin raising her head. The fairy smiled and whispered.
"Do not be afraid, I have been sent by the moon goddess to save your children, your prayers have been answered. My name is Anghara Wynn." Hearing this, the mother began to cry in joy. The tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. The fairy cupped her hands and caught the mothers tears. She then walked to the moon flowers and dropped a tear into each of the blossoms. From those flowers other fairies emerged. The fairies returned to Shivenridge with the mother and fulfilled their promise. They healed the sick and saved the kingdom. In gratitude, the people of Shivenridge gave the fairies a home, and erected for them a temple, atop the highest mountain overlooking the sea. The people of Shivenridge accepted the fairies with open arms. They have been brothers and sisters ever since.


For three thousand years the face of fairies and the people of Shivenridge have lived as one. Together they celebrated the good times, fought side by side in times of war, and helped one another through the hard times.  It was not long before the queen of the fairies, was "adopted" so to speak by the people of Shivenridge to be their queen as well. This arrangement was mutually beneficial to both races.
Since the first gold-winged fairy, there has only been only two others. They both were born at times of dire hardships. Using their unique gifts and powers the gold-winged fairies restored their people to good times. Long ago it was foretold, that a great tragedy would befall the race of fairies and the people of Shivenridge. Out of this tragedy, it was said, a gold-winged fairy, stronger than her sisters before her, would lead her people out of the darkness and into the light. She would bring a lasting peace and prosperity. Many believe it is just that, a legend, one that will never come to be.
Twenty years before Keya opened the portal, a warlord from the west found a sword of dark power. He unleashed the powers of the sword against the people of Shivenridge and the race of fairies. The warlord wanted to take control of the great portal, so he might conquer and control both worlds. The soldiers of Shivenridge, led by their fairy queen fought a final confrontation against the warlord on the great plains to the west. The battle raged for hours. In the end, the fairy Queen, and the last of the morthos fairies, gave their lives to insure the freedom of their world and our own. With their deaths, so died the legend.

Wing Colors:
Gold A gold-winged fairy is all powerful. They are able to cast spells, fire energy blasts, and are the strongest of the healers. It is said that a gold-wing fairy can raise the recent dead.  They are skilled warriors, intelligent, and compassionate. They are born leaders. Their empathic abilities are far superior to the other fairies. Gold-winged fairies are very rare, on average one is born every thousand years.
Pearl A pearl-winged fairy is second in strength and abilities only to the gold. They are highly skilled warriors able to cast spells or fire energy blasts at their opponents. They too are natural born leaders. Pearl fairies, while rare, are much more common than gold.
Red A red-winged fairy has a unique gift. They are able to pass a burst of their essence into another fairy, to revive one who has exhausted their life force. Red-wings are often priestesses, and generals, for they are magical, spiritual, and intelligent. They are usually excellent strategists and fierce warriors.
Green A green-winged fairy is the second most powerful healer. They are second only to the gold-wings. They too are fierce warriors and leaders. A green-wings compassion, tends to make them a little more reserved than the other fairies, and very giving.
Blue A blue-winged fairy is the third strongest warrior of the fairies with only the gold and pearl being stronger. They are capable of wielding powerful energy blasts at their opponents. They too are strong healers. A blue-winged is often a high ranking warrior in the fairy's armies. They are often more emotionally mature, than other colors of fairies.
Purple A Purple-winged fairy is a powerful sorcerer or sorceress. They are able to cast spells and wield magic with great skill. Purple-wings tend to be very loving and nurturing. They are strong fights, protective of their fellow fairies. They are agile and fast.
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